There are so many cool ways you can make improvements to your home’s interior design. This can allow you to better enjoy the space and have an overall better life. Here are some fun ways to make your home better:

Space Saving Bed

Are you looking for a way to maximize the space that you have in your home? With a suspended bed, you can do just that. It will give you a great comfortable bed while still saving on space use.

Add hidden features in the house.

All-In-One Living Cube

Consider an all-in-one living cube. This can store your clothes, shoes, TV, book, and more. This has a guest bed on top so that it has multiple functions, all while keeping your home more organized.

Create a Hidden Work Space

If you feel like there’s not a lot of room for a home office, why not create a hidden workspace? A pull-out bench or a hidden closet office is a great way to do this.

Stair Storage Space

The space under your stairs may be going to waste. You can build a hidden closet space to maximize this space for storage purposes.

Use staircase to save space.

Home Office Under Stair

You can also utilize space under stairs to create a small home office area. This is a great way to have a workplace oasis.

Use Mirrors to Trick Your Eyes

With the use of mirrors, you can increase the depth of a room. It makes it feel as if your room is a lot bigger. Think about using mirrors throughout your home to give a better look and feel.

Pack Away Bathroom Needs

You can utilize packable furnishings. A sliding door will reveal your bathroom needs, such as a storage space and sink area.

Update bathroom fixtures.

Add a Walk-In Bathtub

Want to save space but still want a bathtub? You can install a walk-in bathtub that offers storage space and plenty of room to bathe.

Consider Platinum Elevators

Want to make it easier to get around your home? Install a platinum elevator. You’ll be happier and your guests will appreciate this upgrade item.

These are all great ways to improve your home’s look, feel, and functionality!

Home is a place where family bond together and even share unforgettable memories with each other. However, you might be thinking how will I make it happen? First, you need to know how much is the projected land cost.

Land Cost

Land cost is the primary factor that someone needs to consider in building a house which is according to Senior Economist Shane Garrett, Wolf Architects Director Tares Wolf and Hotondo Homes’ Building and Operations Manager Peter Rielly from Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Last June 2016 quarter, Garrett said that land is the biggest expenditure in building a new home which takes 50% of total cost of the house and lot package. The average range varies from $933 per sq. meter in Sydney to $223 per sq. meter in Hobart based on HIA’s latest data. Many varied factors affect the actual cost of building which expert says, although the Australian average is $1183 per sq. meter excluding the design, planning permits, any site works or any cost blow-outs according to HIA.

Aside from land, there are several factors that influence in building a new house; size, quality, site considerations, desired time frame and complexity. Wolf explained that using high quality materials, site location of the new home, Bushfire Attack Levels obligations and time frame affects or gives impact in the building price. Often times landscaping, fencing, swimming pools and local council costs doesn’t include on the price, which will make another expense. BAL Assessments can be provided by local suppliers in your Capital City.

So, here are the tips which can help you save more on building your own comfortable and beautiful dream house.



Part of planning on building a house is cost estimation. This would help you on making significant building decisions though it is approximate. While creating early estimation, understand the building process and design to know the hidden cost. After finding the hidden cost, modify your plans to meet your budget.


Always try to consider hillside, narrow or in-fill property. These properties might be cheaper since it is difficult to sell it quickly, yet with the right plans and potential contractor it can be turn into a perfect place to build your home.


It might be expensive to buy and to install high quality materials but it can be useful in a long run since you don’t have to repair, replace or repaint them often than the cheaper ones.


Recycled materials are eco-friendly and can cut down your total expenses. Look for architectural salvage warehouses to buy for useful products such as windows, lumbers and other architectural details.


Energy-efficient products and appliances, insulators and HVAC system for your climate will help lessen your cost. Use things that uses renewable energy, like “Energy-Star” rated appliances which might costly yet economical.


Changes on materials during the process of constructing your house might create additional expenses, takes more time and give frustrations or stress. The result might not turn out the way you really wanted.

The tips listed above can make you dream house worth building in a cheaper and more convenient way without compromising it’s beauty and quality. For more information and help, contact CADDS Group today. They provide smart, industry-leading structural engineering solutions to the WA resources sector, as well as commercial and residential buildings.